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Online Medical Supplies Company on How the Right Pillow Affects Patient Care June 28, 2016

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Online Medical Supplies Company on How the Right Pillow Affects Patient Care, Richmond, Kentucky

A patient’s comfort is crucial for a successful and speedy recovery—and the right pillow is actually one of the most important medical supplies for ensuring a swift recovery. The best pillow will allow a patient to rest comfortably without worsening their current condition, and can even aid in the healing process. Because no two situations are the same, EZ Care Medical sells several different pillow shapes that provide proper neck and back support, while accommodating for a variety of different situations.

Here are some types of pillows they offer:

  • medical suppliesCervical Contour Pillow & Dream Pillow: Patients who suffer from muscle tension associated with cervical problems will benefit the most from the cervical contour pillow, which helps promote proper sleep posture and align the spine. The dream pillow is similar, but its unique shape allows it to also be used for sacral or knee support.

  • Contoured Neck Cushion: This pillow provides firmer support while also aligning the spine like the other cervical pillows. These medical supplies were designed to alleviate pressure in patients who suffer from severe neck pain.medical supplies

  • Cervical Rest (Butterfly) Pillow: This unique pillow was designed to reduce pain in patients suffering from stiff necks, shoulders, and neck pain. The wide shape of these medical supplies provides proper support to the shoulders, as well as the head and neck.

  • Stress-Ease® Support Pillow: The pillow provides complete cervical support and alignment for most sleeping positions and helps alleviate headaches. Its design particularly benefits patients who’ve recently had spinal surgery or whiplash.

  • Crescent Pillow Mate: When it’s important that a patient not move their head or neck during sleep, the crescent pillow mate helps relieve muscle tension by gently cradling the head and neck while providing support.

  • Kabooti:  And check out the Kabooti while you’re at it!  This is a multi-purpose seat cushion to address most all pressure points.  It’s the best! 

All of EZ Care Medical’s pillows come with machine washable covers and are made with hypoallergenic materials. For any questions about their pillows and other medical supplies, please call (859) 626-8957 or visit the website for more information.

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