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Tips for Helping Your Loved One Transition to Assisted Living June 28, 2016

Heath, Licking
Tips for Helping Your Loved One Transition to Assisted Living, Heath, Ohio

While today’s seniors are living longer, more active lives, there comes a time when many no longer feel interested in, or capable of, maintaining their own home. The Chapel Grove Inn offers Licking County, Ohio, seniors an inviting retirement living community that balances essential help with the freedom to choose from a wide range of daily activities. Chapel Grove Inn residents enjoy peace of mind, build new relationships with their neighbors, and receive top-quality nursing care from the dedicated staff. 

The process of transitioning from one’s own home to an assisted living community can be a very emotional one. These tips can help you take the stress out of introducing your aging loved one to his or her new home:

  • assisted livingWork With Relatives: It’s important for everyone in the family to be a part of the process and understand the changes that are taking place. Having everyone on the same page—and knowing that he or she has the full support of siblings, children, and grandchildren—can put your loved one’s mind at ease. Involving other relatives in the transition process can also make future visits easier to plan.
  • Plan Multiple Conversations: As with any major decision, your loved one may have second thoughts about moving into an assisted living community. Check in with your loved one often to find out how he or she feels, and listen to their questions and concerns. Even when you and your relative know that this transition is the right thing to do, it can be emotionally challenging to leave a home that is filled with memories. It’s important to remind your loved one of the positive things a new chapter presents without downplaying any apprehension or sadness they may be feeling.
  • Use Community Resources: Assisted living facilities understand their new residents’ challenges and often provide resources to help them adjust. Find out if an onsite counselor is available to help your loved one once he or she has arrived. The counselor may also be able to provide outside referrals for other relatives who may be feeling sad or guilty about this major life change.

Moving your loved one to an assisted living community will encourage them to remain active and social while giving them consistent access to quality medical care. To learn how your family can benefit from these services, visit The Chapel Grove Inn online or call (740) 522-4663.

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