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Brooklyn Dentist Shares Everything You Need to Know About Toothaches June 29, 2016

Canarsie, Brooklyn
Brooklyn Dentist Shares Everything You Need to Know About Toothaches, Brooklyn, New York

A toothache can be more than just bothersome; they can affect what you eat, how you talk, and can even lead to more serious dental problems if not treated properly. Here to tell you everything you need to know about toothaches, what causes them, and how to relieve their pain, is 21st Century Dental, home to Brooklyn, NY’s finest dentists.

What Is A Toothache?

DentistA toothache is any pain associated with your teeth. They can develop for a number of reasons, including a decaying, abscessed, fractured, or damaged tooth. Additionally, you may develop tooth pain if you grind your teeth often or have developed a gum infection.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Toothache?

Usually, toothaches present dull, constant, or throbbing pain, but the discomfort felt between patients can vary. Furthermore, your toothache may be accompanied by a fever, headache, and swelling around the problem tooth. You may also notice drainage from the affected tooth, which could have a foul taste.

How Can I Relieve My Tooth Pain?

A toothache usually indicates an oral health problem, so you should always visit your dentist if you develop one that lasts more than a day or two. However, until you can be seen by your dentist, there are ways you can help treat your pain at home. First, take an over-the-counter pain reliever to help with your discomfort. You may also find that rinsing with saltwater could help you find some relief. Additionally, clove oil can help reduce tooth pain, and also works as a natural antibacterial, which could help to keep a developing infection at bay.

DentistRemember to always follow-up with your dentist whenever you’re experienced tooth pain. It may be an indication of a more serious problem, like a cavity or failed filling that could be causing your pain. Your dentist can help by providing the right treatments, and can prescribe pain medications if needed.

How Can I Avoid Getting A Toothache?

To avoid getting a toothache, start by practicing good oral hygiene habits, like brushing at least twice a day and flossing daily. You should also visit your dentist regularly for routine exams and cleanings. Furthermore, avoid consuming large amounts of sugary drinks and foods, and eat a healthy, well-balanced diet.

For more tips on how to care for and prevent toothaches, call 21st Century Dental at (718) 241-1203, or visit them online for more information.

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