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3 Tips For a More Restful Night With DOWNLITE Down Bedding July 5, 2016

Mason, Warren
3 Tips For a More Restful Night With DOWNLITE Down Bedding, Mason, Ohio

As we get older, a good night's sleep becomes a highly-coveted commodity. Whether your children rouse you in the night or stress from work keeps you from getting some shuteye, it's hard to catch a restful break. Fortunately, DOWNLITE offers an extensive selection of sleep-enhancing products that you can buy online from anywhere in the country. From practical mattress pads to luxurious down comforters, this family-owned bedding company knows how to make your sleep experience a dream. 

If you've been having trouble getting a good night's rest, take advantage of these helpful tips:

  • Get Quality Bedding: The National Sleep Foundation suggests that a restful night is directly affected by the nature of your mattress and pillows. The more comfortable your body is, the less you will toss and turn, allowing you to stay in a deep sleep without waking up. Mattresses should be replaced about every nine years, and pillows should make you eager to climb into bed. Try something soft yet supportive, such as DOWNLITE's Medium Density White Goose Down Pillow
  • Leave Work Out: It's also important to train your brain to associate your bed with sleeping. If you bring your laptop or a work-related book into bed, you might be carrying those daytime anxieties into an environment that needs to be reserved for relaxation. Make sure to do your work in another room if you have a hard time falling asleep, and only come into your bedroom when it's time to climb into bed.
  • down comforterRegulate Your Temperature: Going to sleep when your body temperature is too hot may cause you to feel anxious, as if you've just exercised and need to take a shower. In a room that's too cold, you might wake up during the night and toss and turn in an effort to regain warmth. Pick out bedding products that complement the average temperature of your indoor air—if you keep your thermostat cool, go for a thick wool comforter, but if your house is on the warmer side, you might want to keep your covers to a light down quilt.

Whatever you envision tucking into at the end of the day, DOWNLITE will help you craft your one-of-a-kind bedding ensemble. Call them with questions at (866) 931-3696, or visit the website to browse their products.