New York, New York
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What people say about NYC LOCKSMITH? June 19, 2016

New York, New York
What people say about NYC LOCKSMITH?, New York, New York

People trust  this NYC LOCKSMITH provider in the Upper East Side!!! Omega Lock & Security Professionals is a NYC Emergency Locksmith provider with good costumer service and professional locksmiths. From Emergency Locksmith to Lock Installation... they do it all 24/7! 

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 What people say about NYC LOCKSMITH...

“This business is great. Their service is timely, friendly and professional. Obviously you're in a pickle whenever you can a locksmith to help you break into your own apartment, and I was having no luck calling all these other locksmiths who were being very curt and unhelpful in describing the cost and procedure of opening my door. I was so frustrated by the time I called Omega, and Ben calmly talked me through the range of prices and options they had. He was honest and forthcoming about what this was going to take, asked me questions that demonstrated he knew what he was talking about, and then he showed up in twenty five minutes and opened my door in about five minutes with practiced ease. I was at the end of my rope and this was worth every penny. Thanks Ben and Omega”!

To learn more about the full range of products and services available through Omega Lock & Security Professionals, visit their website or call (212) 348-3333.

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