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Why Hiring a Wedding Photographer Is Crucial for Your Big Day June 27, 2016

Long Island City, Queens
Why Hiring a Wedding Photographer Is Crucial for Your Big Day, Queens, New York

Have you chosen a wedding photographer for your special day? No, not a friend with a nice camera — but a professional. Only a real wedding photographer knows how to properly and beautifully capture the moments of the big event, and forgoing this important service will only fill you with regret.

Here, Isaiah Tanenbaum Theatrical Photography & Design in Long Island City will explain why:

It’s Worth It

wedding photographerA big reason some couples don’t hire a wedding photographer is to save money. But what they don’t consider is just how much work and preparation truly goes into the job —it’s not something any of your guests will be prepared to do, much less do for free. Your photographer will work for 10 to 12 hours, capturing the most priceless moments of the day with perfect composition, including any special requests you asked for at your consultation.

It doesn’t end there, though; when the big day is over, your wedding photographer will comb through thousands of images, selecting only the best — and then they’ll edit each individual one. You won’t get such high-caliber work from your friend’s Instagram skills.

Let Everyone Have Fun

Asking a friend to document your wedding day for free isn’t like borrowing their vacuum cleaner. Wouldn’t your friend rather enjoy the ceremony and reception? Don’t make them do work! One of the benefits of a wedding photographer isn’t just that they’re a professional, but that they’re a neutral party — not a guest.

photographerIsaiah Tanenbaum Photography has photographed numerous weddings and is very familiar with the drill, from capturing the tears in dad’s face to the bride’s priceless expressions. Every moment is unique, and yet there’s still a flow to everything, which your wedding photographer has down to a science.

Isaiah Tanenbaum Theatrical Photography & Design looks forward to documenting your special day. For more information, give the Queens wedding photographer a call at (917) 692-5737, email him, or visit the website to see some examples of his past work.

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