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How an Attorney Can Help When You've Suffered a Civil Rights Violation June 23, 2016

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How an Attorney Can Help When You've Suffered a Civil Rights Violation, Lexington-Fayette Central, Kentucky

Every individual in the U.S. is guaranteed certain inalienable rights, such as equal access to education and a workplace that’s free of discrimination. When those rights are violated, the law gives you the right to file a civil rights lawsuit to collect damages and, in some cases, force a government or private agency to enact institutional changes. Edward E. Dove, Attorney at Law, an attorney who focuses on civil rights violations in Lexington, KY, explains how a civil rights lawyer can help ensure that justice is served.

Most civil rights cases revolve around discrimination, either in the workplace or in an educational institution. However, racial profiling by law enforcement or a private business may also constitute a civil rights violation. A successful lawsuit will depend on your lawyer's ability to prove that you were discriminated against because of who you are and what makes you unique, including your race or ethnicity, your gender or sexual identity, your age, or your disability.

civil rights violationIn some cases, religious discrimination can also serve as the grounds for a civil rights violation suit, so consult an attorney to find out whether your situation qualifies. After evaluating your case, they'll be able to recommend your best path forward.

As your case moves forward, your civil rights attorney will collect witness statements, research similar cases, and select the expert witnesses they need to prove your case and help you achieve the desired outcome. Every civil rights violation case includes a great deal of nuance, which makes prevailing in your case without an experienced legal representative extremely difficult.

For over 30 years, Edward E. Dove, Attorney at Law has been helping residents throughout the Lexington area collect the damages they're owed when their civil rights have been violated. If you suspect you've been discriminated against, visit Attorney Dove’s website or call (859) 252-0020 to schedule a consultation as soon as possible.

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