Upper East Side, New York
962 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10021
Originally intended to be a temporary location, Mecox Gardens now takes permanent residence on the world famous Lexington Avenue in New York City’s Upper East Side. In a city filled with custom antique and handmade furniture stores, no other retailer features the same breadth of professionally curated, high-end indoor and outdoor interior design merchandise.

Mecox Lands on the Decorex International’s List of the Top 100 Interior Design Twitter Influencers July 24, 2014

Upper East Side, Manhattan
Mecox Lands on the Decorex International’s List of the Top 100 Interior Design Twitter Influencers, Manhattan, New York

Mecox, the antique home décor experts founded in Southampton, NY have made it on Decorex’s coveted list of top interior designer Twitter influencers. Now more than ever, social media serves as a major mouthpiece for companies to connect with their customers, grow their following and promote their brand. With locations in Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, New York, East Hampton, Southampton and Palm Beach, Mecox already has a strong national presence. But with this recognition, they’ve proven that they’ve extended their reach through effective social media practices. By tweeting valuable information and sharing insights on the interior decorating world, Mecox has kept their followers engaged and eager to learn more.

Starting in 2012, Decorex has curated a list of the top Twitter influencers in the interior design sphere. Even though the social media landscape has changed dramatically since then, one thing is for certain: the competition just keeps getting stronger. By cracking the top 100, Mecox has reminded us all why they are not only a trusted source of antique home furnishings, but of relevant viral content as well. Sharing the space with other interior design heavy-hitters like House and Garden, Harlequin London, and Telegraph Luxury is an honor in and of itself, acutely felt by the Mecox team.

Landing on the laudable #DECOREX100 is a huge moment of pride for the brand, but also a true source of motivation. The world-renowned interior design company intends to continue producing shareable, buzzworthy content that will keep readers coming back for more, for years to come. If you want to have your finger on the pulse of interior decorating, start following Mecox here: https://twitter.com/MecoxGarden.

For more information on the company in general, visit Mecox.com to learn about all the antique furnishing products they have to offer.