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Honolulu’s A Happy Pawn Explains How They Became a BBB Pawn Shop June 27, 2016

Kalihi - Palama, Honolulu
Honolulu’s A Happy Pawn Explains How They Became a BBB Pawn Shop, Honolulu, Hawaii

There are several reasons to visit a pawn shop. They provide people with a quick and relatively easy way to make some fast cash as well as the opportunity to locate some rare and valuable finds. The only problem is that not all pawn shops operate their business honestly, and as a result, the Better Business Bureau receives many consumer complaints. Fortunately for Honolulu, HI, residents, A Happy Pawn has been a trusted source for transactions since 1988. As an accredited BBB pawn shop, they have met all the guidelines that are set forth to help protect consumers.

The BBB sets a high standard and has a strict set of requirements on both the state and federal level that pawn shops must meet in order to earn an accredited affiliation. These regulations include protecting personal information, keeping detailed records, checking government-issued IDs, explaining the terms of a loan in writing, and reporting cash transactions over $10,000. Each rule is put into place to help consumers avoid the pitfalls of fraud, discrimination, and other unfair business practices.

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A Happy Pawn is proud to have met and exceeded all the qualifications to become a BBB pawn shop during their many years in business. Having the seal on display shows customers that they can make a variety of transactions at the pawn shop with complete peace of mind about the type of business they’re dealing with. There isn’t another place around where customers will receive the same service in fair pricing and secured loans.

When you’re looking for a BBB pawn shop, there’s none more credible than A Happy Pawn. Contact them at (808) 848-5456, or visit their website to learn more.  

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