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Growing Popularity of Brunch at Brooklyn Tapas Restaurant June 28, 2016

Bushwick, Brooklyn
Growing Popularity of Brunch at Brooklyn Tapas Restaurant, Brooklyn, New York

In Brooklyn, brunch is practically an institution. Every weekend, patrons flock to Industry 1332 for their breakfast-lunch fix, be it a hearty omelet or mouth-watering blueberry pancakes. But what is it, exactly, that makes brunch such a special meal?

At Industry 1332, it all boils down to the delicious food and the inviting atmosphere. Featuring exposed brick walls and concrete-topped tables, the restaurant bears an industrial appearance that finely balances its tempting brunch offerings. From huevos rancheros to chicken & waffles to quinoa & eggs, you are sure to find a delicious brunch option to please your palate.

Brooklyn, NY brunchCommonplace in major metropolitan cities and growing in popularity in smaller towns across the country, brunch is a meal traditionally enjoyed on the weekends. Brunch is swiftly becoming the country's most valued and revered weekend pastimes—a modern-day tradition that is quickly earning its place in culinary history. It certainly makes sense; after all, what could possibly be wrong with eating delicious food and gathering with friends and family? From the standpoint of today's exceedingly busy population, brunch might be considered something of a savior.

Traditional breakfast habits have changed over the years. Once a sit-down meal most adults enjoyed, breakfast has dwindled and become more of an option than a requirement. Many even skip that morning meal completely, rendering breakfast a meal of the past. Brunch, on the other hand, is an “event” that people tend to anticipate. It's often a grand-scale social occasion where busy people can finally commingle and relax after a demanding week. And because it's so much more popular now, individuals who once had to go in search of a fancy breakfast option can now enjoy it almost anywhere in town.

Brunch has transformed from a casual hybrid of breakfast and lunch into an actual lifestyle—a weekend trend in which loud conversations among raucous gatherings are only fueled by the consumption of various wines and spirits. Brunch time is nothing but a good time, and for many that alone is the absolute draw. At Industry 1332, brunch is an unmissable experience fueled by classic fare with a Latin twist, along with delicious libations and top-quality customer service.

If you're in the brunch club, you'll love the lively atmosphere at Industry 1332, along with the beloved Latin American cuisine that has locals raving. In addition to brunch, stop by for Happy Hour, live music, and dinner with loved ones. For more information on their menu and hours, visit the website or call (718) 484-8338.