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Cincinnati's Computer Repair Experts on the Dangers of Spyware June 22, 2016

Cincinnati, Hamilton
Cincinnati's Computer Repair Experts on the Dangers of Spyware, Cincinnati, Ohio

Dealing with a computer repair caused by spyware can be stressful. Even with your computer in capable hands, you're still bound to be nervous about whether your privacy has been breached. Ohio’s Greater Cincinnati Computer offers more than just computer maintenance and repair services—they also provide valuable insight into what kinds of issues your machine can face when it runs into spyware.

Here's what you should know about this sneaky predator:

  • Cincinnati, OH, computer repairWhat It Is: Spyware is a type of software that is installed onto your computer unbeknownst to you. Unfortunately, it may appear via very normal methods, such as opening email attachments or browsing what appear to be trustworthy websites.

  • What It Does: After infecting your device, spyware can gather your personal information, keep track of your activities online, and share the information with outside parties.

  • How It Shows: Spyware may not announce its presence on your computer in an obvious way. You may notice certain symptoms that weren't present before, such as sluggishness, the inability to browse, or constant pop-ups that won't close.

  • Why It’s A Threat: Especially threatening types of spyware can cause major problems by spreading your most personal information. For example, by monitoring your keystrokes or website usage, spyware can essentially read your passwords or financial details and distribute them to third parties. Many “cyber thieves” have committed identity theft this way. A thorough computer repair service can be the only solution.

If you've noticed changes in your computer lately, it may be worth a closer look. It's possible you may just need routine computer maintenance. However, if spyware continues to afflict your machine, you could be at risk for a major privacy breach.

To learn more about the computer repair and laptop repair services at Greater Cincinnati Computer, visit their website or give them a call at (513) 985-1300.

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