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Deciding Which Local Veterinarian to Use? Ask These Questions First October 25, 2016

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Deciding Which Local Veterinarian to Use? Ask These Questions First, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Finding the right local veterinarian to care for your beloved pet is not unlike securing a good physician to monitor your own health. There are a number of questions you need to ask before settling on the right health care provider for your pet: After all, the goal is to find a vet you can rely on for years. Animal Medical and Surgical Clinic is an outstanding veterinary hospital that has proudly served the Wisconsin Rapids area since 1993. The staff recommends doing your research before choosing a vet.


Here, these local veterinarians recommend asking the following three questions before you select an animal clinic:


How Many Veterinarians & Vet Techs Do You Have?

It’s important to ask about the size of the staff to make sure the animal clinic has enough team members to accommodate each one of their patients. Animal Medical and Surgical Clinic has two outstanding veterinarians as well as five veterinary technicians: three certified CVTs, and two CVTs in training.

How Do You Monitor Overnight Patients?

local veterinarianAsk about how overnight patients are monitored in the event your pet needs to stay at the animal clinic for a few nights. Find out if dogs and cats are kept in separate areas, what the kennel situation involves, and what the staff will do to ensure your furry friend’s comfort.

What Emergency Services Are Available?

Inquire about emergency services in case your pet suddenly becomes ill or sustains an injury. The local veterinarians at Animal Medical and Surgical Clinic offer a comprehensive list of urgent care services, including fluid therapy, emergency surgery, pain control, and extensive patient monitoring.  At this time after-hours emergencies are referred to the PAW Health Animal Emergency Center in Mosinee.

In addition to these questions, the team at Animal Medical and Surgical Clinic also suggests inquiring about a vet’s certifications, approach to treatment, and whether the team works with other animal medicine practitioners to provide the best care possible. Finally, you should ask any questions you feel are vital to the health and happiness of your beloved pet so you can enjoy a lasting relationship with the animal clinic you choose.

For more on the local veterinarians and care available at Animal Medical and Surgical Clinic, call (715) 421-2006 or visit their website today.

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