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Various Fine Art Media & Attributes of Each June 23, 2016

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Various Fine Art Media & Attributes of Each , Rochester, New York

For many artists, the medium they work with is an automatic decision—a choice that ties together each piece in their portfolio. In the case of Nancy Coons, a Rochester, NY-based abstract artist, this is not the case. This artist’s range has extended through many types of fine art. Here, she’d like to highlight the appeal and range of various materials.

One of the most common fine art media is canvas. The stretched woven fabric has been a popular choice not only because of its availability, but also because of its strength. It can handle layers and layers of paint and when properly prepared, and varnished, it can hold up after many years.

Another popular medium is paper. Unlike canvas, paper has an absorbency that allows an artist to use tools like watercolors and markers, while its smooth surface is fantastic for pencils and charcoal. Because of these physical qualities, paper also lends itself much better to print production and reproduction than canvas does.

fine artFor centuries, textiles have also become art through embroidery, weaving, painting, dyeing, or any combination thereof. Paint and dye, in particular, offer so many creative possibilities, especially with animal-based fibers like wool and silk. Compared to plant-based fibers such as cotton, wool and silk accept paint and dye in a much richer way. Nancy Coons herself has worked extensively with silk, using the fine material to create wearable art; her silk scarves reflect the same vibrancy and complexity seen in her canvas and paper pieces.

Another medium of fine art that has been used for both decorative and practical application is ceramics. Ceramic differs greatly from canvas and paper because so much of its appeal lies in its depth and dimension. Although it has predominantly been used for sculpture, pottery, and dinnerware, recent artists have also been using the material for small pieces of jewelry, such as pendants, earrings, rings, and bangles.

To learn more about these different media and to see examples, you can visit Nancy Coons' online portfolio. If you'd like to reach her for any other inquiries, you may do so by calling (585) 317-1898.

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