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The Suzio York Hill Companies: Your Source for Crushed Trap Rock June 22, 2016

Meriden, New Haven County
The Suzio York Hill Companies: Your Source for Crushed Trap Rock, Meriden, Connecticut

Crushed trap rock is material that’s added to concrete floors to make them more durable. Based in Meriden, CT, The Suzio York Hill Companies supplies crushed stone, asphalt, and ready-mix concrete products to construction industries statewide. These concrete experts say crushed trap rock is especially beneficial in situations in which floors face round-the-clock forklift traffic. Without the added strength crushed trap rock provides, the stress caused by heavy forklifts would require these floors to undergo frequent repair.

It's clear that crushed trap rock is an important part of the mix in certain construction projects, and The Suzio York Hill Companies is one of just a few sources currently quarrying trap rock in the Connecticut area.  After being quarried, the trap rock is blasted into large pieces of stone. Some of these pieces are used to build breakwaters, stone walls, and erosion control projects.

crushed trap rockHowever, the vast majority of trap rock is delivered in 70-ton haul trucks to a primary crusher. This crusher is capable of tackling up to 750 tons per hour. A secondary crusher is also involved, and the trap rock is transported from one crusher to the next via a conveyor belt. Once the crushing is complete, the stone is sorted. Sizes range from less than an inch to two inches, and these pieces are used to produce processed stone.

The Suzio York Hill Companies will provide you with concrete and other building materials needed to make your construction project a success. Turn to these experts for ready-mix concrete products mixed in their central mix plants to maximize quality control. They also offer pervious concrete, which allows rainwater to filter through to the soil beneath. Regardless of what your construction needs are, these specialists will provide you with building material that serves as an ideal solution.

Place an order for ready-mix concrete products or crushed trap rock by calling (203) 237-8421 today. Learn more by visiting this leading Connecticut building material supplier online.

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