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3 Harmful Consequences of Driving Without Auto Insurance in Georgia June 23, 2016

Milledgeville, Baldwin
3 Harmful Consequences of Driving Without Auto Insurance in Georgia, Milledgeville, Georgia

If you’re having trouble affording auto insurance, you may be tempted to do without it and hope for the best. However, auto insurance is a legal requirement in the state of Georgia, and you could face serious consequences if you are caught on the road without a current policy. Worse still, driving without insurance leaves you financially vulnerable if you are in a car accident—even a minor fender bender can be incredibly costly. Craig Massee Insurance Agency of Milledgeville, GA, has everything you need to cover your vehicle and protect yourself from liability.

If you’re still not convinced that you need insurance, here are some consequences you could face for driving without auto insurance: 

  • georgia-auto-insurancePay Fines: For a lapse in insurance coverage, Georgia state law requires you to pay fees and fines that can total up to $185. You may also lose your driver’s license if you fail to provide proof of insurance 30 days after your offense. 
  • Lose Your Vehicle: In an accident serious enough to damage your car, you may not be able to afford repairs or a replacement vehicle without the help of auto insurance. If you lose access to a working vehicle, you could jeopardize your job and income without reliable transportation.
  • Be Liable For Damages: If you are involved in an accident in which someone else’s property is damaged, including their car, or in which they are injured and require reimbursement for their medical expenses, you could be sued for damages. This puts all of your assets at risk.

To keep your freedom and financial well-being intact, make sure you always drive with auto insurance. Craig Massee Insurance Agency in Milledgeville will help you find an affordable auto insurance policy to protect you from liability in the event of an accident. Find out more by visiting the website today or calling (478) 452-3539.


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