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Fun Things to do in Boston, MA December 17, 2015

Back Bay, Boston
Fun Things to do in Boston, MA, Boston, Massachusetts

Due to its accessible size and rich history, Boston, MA offers a variety of fun activities for visitors of all ages. Whether you want to take advantage of the great outdoor attractions or stay indoors for fascinating walks through history, you’ll find plenty of quality entertainment throughout the year.

Stay Active Outdoors at These Great Boston Locations

Boston contains numerous fantastic landscapes that serve as great spots to relax, read, or run. If you find yourself in Boston on a particularly beautiful day, be sure to visit these beautiful outdoor attractions.

  • Boston Common: Reaching almost 50 acres in size, Boston Common is the central point of the “Emerald Necklace”, a system of connected parks that runs through many of the neighborhoods throughout the city. Serving as a ground for grazing cattle, battle-ready militia men, and workers on their lunch breaks, the Common is the oldest park in the United States. If you visit during the winter, you can enjoy ice skating on Frog Pond.
  • Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area: Consisting of 34 small island, this attraction features swimming, hiking, kayaking, lighthouse tours, and harbor ferry rides. If you visit St. George’s Island, the most popular of the harbor islands, be sure to check out Fort Warren, a Civil War landmark that housed Confederate prisoners.
  • Fenway Park: Nestled in downtown Boston, Fenway Park is a great place to spend a summer evening. No matter which team you root for or even if you’re a baseball fan, the beautiful architecture and lengthy history of the park will inundate you with many positive memories. Even if there is no game scheduled, taking a tour of the country’s oldest ballpark will serve as an enjoyable experience.

Aside from providing beautiful views and fun activities, another thing each of these locations shares is a rich history. Boston is a city rife with historical locations and events, which makes its museums all the more appealing

Relive History at These Fantastic Boston Museums

Whether you’re a history buff or you’re just looking for a great way to spend the day, Boston’s museums feature exciting exhibits that allow you to take an unforgettable walk through the history of both Boston and the United States.

  • Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum: The Boston Tea party is one of the most significant events in American history, and you can relive it on this amazing tour! More than just a stroll in which you examine photographs and artifacts, this museum features authentically restored ships, live actors, interactive exhibits, and the multi-sensory documentary entitled “Let it Begin Here”. Of course, the experience wouldn’t be complete without hauling tea overboard, which you will just as the Sons of Liberty did in 1773.
  • Museum of Fine Arts: As one of the most comprehensive art museums in the world, the Museum of Fine Arts contains more than 400,000 works of art, including early Egyptian artwork and contemporary pieces. Over the past few years, numerous attractions have been added, such as the Art of the Americas wing in 2010, the Linde Wing for Contemporary Art in 2011, and improved spaces for European, Asian, and African art in 2013. The museum also contains numerous special exhibitions and educational programs.
  • Samuel Adams® Brewery: While history may be one thing for which Boston is well known, beer is also particularly notable. As one of the most beloved beers in the country, Samuel Adams has a cherished history in the city of Boston. The brewery offers tours every Monday, Friday, and Saturday that show how the beer is prepared, and, of course, provide you with a tasting of the final product. Whether you’ve tried every refreshing Sam Adams brew or you’re just beginning to enjoy its incomparable taste, this tour will certainly impress.

While museums are great ways to relive history, younger visitors may not appreciate them as much as adults. If you’re traveling to Boston with kids, there are numerous places to visit that will delight their young minds.

Wonderful Activities For Kids in Boston

Whether your child is shy or energetic, Boston offers a healthy amount of attractions that are sure to produce a smile.

  • Boston Children’s Museum: Featuring performance, music, balance, construction, and even bubbles exhibits, the Boston Children’s Museum is a place in which your children will learn through playing. Whether your child likes to draw, dance, sing, or just jump around, he or she will find endless entertainment at the Children’s Museum.
  • Museum of Science: This hands-on museum is the perfect place to spend the day with your kids. There are numerous hands-on exhibits, such as the watching chickens hatch, getting up close and personal with various animals, and witnessing lightning being created. If you need to rest your legs, the museum also features an IMAX theater with astonishing presentations.
  • New England Aquarium: Nothing excites a child quite like hundreds of spectacular fish and animals displayed before their very eyes. The New England Aquarium features penguins, stingrays, seals, lobsters, octopi, and more exciting marine animals that will leave your child in awe for the rest of the day. The aquarium also contains numerous hands-on areas where you can touch sea stars, horseshoe crabs, and even sharks.

Whether you’re traveling with children or fellow adult friends, Boston provides a seemingly limitless amount of entertainment throughout the year. Visit the aforementioned attractions online for further information, and be sure to have your camera ready for the hundreds of photo opportunities.

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