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4 Common Reasons People Are Deported, From Experienced Deportation Defense Attorneys June 20, 2016

Corona, Queens
4 Common Reasons People Are Deported, From Experienced Deportation Defense Attorneys, Queens, New York

Many people think deportation is strictly the fate of undocumented workers who either cross the border illegally or have overstayed their visas. However, the truth is that any immigrant is subject to deportation in a wide variety of situations, from those on student visas failing to attend school or tourists accepting a job opportunity.

Neal Richardson Datta, a deportation defense and entertainment immigration lawyer in New York City, explains some of the circumstances that may result in a noncitizen's deportation:

  • deportation defenseCommitting Crimes: Being convicted of an aggravated felony, domestic violence, or a crime of moral turpitude within five years of receiving immigration authorization can result in deportation. An attorney experienced with deportation defense will explain other crimes or rules that may threaten your immigration status.
  • Failure To Comply With Regulations: If you change addresses and fail to notify U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services within 10 days, you may have your immigration authorization revoked.
  • Fraud: Getting married for the purpose of obtaining legal immigration status, document forgery, and falsely claiming to be a citizen of the United States are all crimes that may be punished by deportation. Furthermore, anyone who is discovered smuggling aliens into the country may also find themselves facing deportation.
  • Drugs: Anyone found to have been a drug addict, usually through a drug crimes conviction other than the possession of small amounts of marijuana, is subject to deportation.

If you're in danger of having your immigration status revoked, turn to the experienced immigration attorney at Neal Richardson Datta for the most effective representation and deportation defense in NYC. For over 22 years, the law firm has helped musicians and artists around the globe acquire the entertainment visas they need to perform in the United States. Visit their website to learn more about their unique expertise and extremely high success rate, or call (212) 358-9690 to schedule a consultation today.