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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Golf Clubs June 22, 2016

Midtown East, Manhattan
4 Tips for Choosing the Right Golf Clubs, Manhattan, New York

Golfers from all over the world visit New York Golf Center to find golf equipment and golf apparel they cannot find anywhere else. This NYC golf store offers a large selection and variety of golf clubs available for all skill sets. Whether you’re a pro on the greens or just starting out, you will find the highest quality set of clubs to match your experience level.

When you are building your set of golf clubs, here are a few guidelines to follow:

  •  Identify Your Handicap: Amateur and professional golfers are eligible for a handicap, or golf ability level. This is the number given to golfers to identify their skill set, or the number of strokes you play in a game. The lower your number, the higher your proficiency. Knowing your handicap will help these golf equipment experts present you with the best club options to help improve your game.

  • golf-clubs-nycDecide On A Clubhead: When you are buying a golf club, you must first decide on your ideal clubhead that suits your skill level and your individual launch conditions. Having an expert interpret your data is critical to get the best performance. Club heads are usually categorized as Players, Game-Improvement Players, Game-Improvement and Super Game-Improvement. 

  • Determine Length and Lie Angle:  The proper length golf club is vital in getting the best performance. Proper length is determined by taking into consideration a player’s height, the length of their arms and their set up. Once a proper length is decided you will also need to test for the most suitable Lie angle. This is the angle the shaft exits the clubhead. Having the correct Lie angle is very important If you want to hit the ball straight and have your best consistency.

  • Determine Grip & Shaft: The shaft of the club acts as the engine. It is critical to have the right flexibility and design for each golfer to maximize the performance of the clubhead. What will work best for you will depend on how fast you swing the club as well as the tempo of your golf swing. Make sure you consult an expert to get the right set up and pay attention to the size of the grip you will be holding. The correct grip will also vary depending on the size of each players hands

    When you are ready for new golf clubs, visit New York Golf Center for the largest variety and highest quality selection. Call (212) 564-0078 or (212)-564-2255 with any questions about their equipment or apparel, or visit the golf store online for more information.

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