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3 Jobs You Should Never Attempt Without a Professional Plumber June 22, 2016

Texarkana, Miller
3 Jobs You Should Never Attempt Without a Professional Plumber, Texarkana, Arkansas

Based out of the state-straddling city of Texarkana, AR, Service First Electrical and Plumbing maintains a narrow focus when it comes to good work ethic. With a wide range of services from solar panel installation and home automation design to drain cleaning and bathroom renovation, there is no plumbing or electrical obstacle they aren’t prepared to tackle. 

While the work may come easy to these experts, they know that major home improvements and repairs are dangerous for the common DIYer. If you tend to be over-ambitious when fixing your house, pay attention to these three jobs you absolutely shouldn’t do without a professional plumber:

  • Split Pipes: As water reaches its freezing point, it expands, causing high pressure inside of pipes. When this pressure keeps rising with no opportunity for release, the pipes burst, leading to leaks and the dreaded mishap of a flooded basement. Repairing a split pipe requires cutting copper and using a propane torch to solder the pipe until it’s watertight, a job that should never be attempted without professional skill.
  • plumberPipe Replacement: Similar to repairing a pipe, a full pipe replacement creates potential hazards on an even larger scale. This massive job is caused by pipes corroding or decaying over time, creating the possibility of water or sewage eruptions. Your professional plumber will not only have to be an expert with replacing visible pipes, but they will also need to infiltrate pipes that are inside of walls or crawl spaces. Don’t risk damaging your system or the entire structure of your house by trying to be your own plumber.
  • Sewer Camera Inspection: Sewer blockages can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare, not only because of the risk of backflow but because of the virtual invisibility of sewer lines. If you’re experiencing a stubborn blockage—possibly caused by a large rock or root intrusion—the only way to get to the bottom of the issue is with a sewer video camera inspection. This job can be both complicated and messy, yet another maintenance issue you should leave to a professional plumber.

No matter what is affecting your plumbing system, the trained plumbers of Service First Electrical and Plumbing can solve it. Call them at (870) 775-1035 for emergency plumbing service, or visit the website for more information on their many services.

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