Philipstown, New York

Best Bar Mitzvah Magician NYC June 14, 2016

Philipstown, Putnam
Best Bar Mitzvah Magician NYC, Philipstown, New York


Need a first class professional Bar Mitzvah Magician to create fun, laughter and amazement for your guests?

When you book Marco the Magician for your Bar Mitzvah:

*Marco will meet and greet your guests with Mind Boggling Manipulations as they walk in.

*Marco will entertain your guests table to table with mind blowing magic tricks while they're waiting to be served.

*Marco will find pockets of guests that are looking for something to do and MYSTIFY them with close-up Magic 

*Marco will even find those guests who don't want to dance and make them laugh and gasp in total wonder!

When You Book Marco The Magician For Your Bar Mitzvah Your Guests Will Say Things Like...

"OMG Marco the Magician was fabulous! He came to our table and did the most INCREDIBLE tricks we've ever seen, right under our noses! It was great too because it gave everyone at our table something to do while everyone was dancing."

What Makes Marco One Of THE MOST Highly Sought After Bar Mitzvah Magicians in the Country?

STRESS FREE ASSURANCE - So you can rest assured the night before knowing that your entertainment will begin on time, Marco offers an ALWAYS EARLY NEVER LATE GUARANTEE! 

PROFESSIONAL ATTIRE - Dressed to the nines, Marco arrives in a suit, tie and cuff links to deliver his interactive sleight of hand Magic with an air of class rarely seen by most other entertainers.


INCREDIBLE INTERACTIVE MAGIC TAILORED EXCLUSIVELY FOR BAR MITZVAHS - The pace, lighting, energy and acoustics of a Bar Mitzvah can offer unusual challenges for the modern day Magician. 

Because of this, you need a Magician who's done countless number of Bar Mitzvahs and understands exactly how to deliver IMPOSSIBLE FEATS OF MAGIC under these conditions. 

To get more information on availability or to book Marco The Magician for your Bar Mitzvah call (212) 502-0148 or visit WWW.MARCOFREZZA.COM

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