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The Importance of Regular Septic Inspection Service May 1, 2018

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The Importance of Regular Septic Inspection Service, Hopewell Junction, New York

Part of responsible home ownership is understanding when to have certain areas inspected and serviced. A septic inspection may not be the first thing on your mind, but the team at Hopewell Septic Pumping makes it their job to handle the entire procedure for you. Serving the lower Hudson Valley area of New York, the company specializes in septic services, including repair, installation, cleaning, and inspection.

septic inspectionHaving your septic system regularly inspected will help prolong the life of the system and identify any potential issues that cause malfunctions. Ideally, the average septic system should be inspected every three years. If your home is being put on the market, it's smart to have it inspected beforehand to prevent any potential issues with the buyer in the future.

When a septic inspection professional visits, they will perform a thorough inspection of the entire system. The septic tank is first opened to determine if the level of liquid inside is normal, or if it's lower (which may indicate a leak) or higher (which indicates overfilling). The professional will then add water to the system to ensure it flows smoothly. The goal is to make sure that effluent, or wastewater, does not rise above the system's normal levels.

Pumping the septic tank will determine if there is an issue with backflow developing in the absorption field, which is where wastewater is absorbed. During pumping, blockages may be detected, either in the plumbing or in the sewer line. The goal is to ensure that the entire system is flowing and operating optimally. If there is a blockage, septic repair may be necessary.

Another type of inspection is purely visual and does not involve pumping the septic tank. During a visual septic inspection, the inspector simply flushes toilets and running taps in the home. This simplified septic service is not typically performed by maintenance professionals, as it does not provide a complete picture of the septic tank's condition.

If you're concerned about your household plumbing or if you know that it's time for an inspection, call on your local septic specialists at Hopewell Septic Pumping. Visit the website or give the Dutchess County pros a call at (845) 227-8773.

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