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How to Find the Right Swimwear for Your Body Shape This Summer June 21, 2016

Stony Brook, Brookhaven
How to Find the Right Swimwear for Your Body Shape This Summer, Brookhaven, New York

Nothing signifies summer quite like swimming. Nobody can resist a dive into the pool to beat the heat and humidity. But with swimming comes the tricky business of finding the perfect swimsuit to complement your body. Lovely Lady Lumps Swimwear New York carries a variety of swimsuits in different styles, colors, and prints. With their staff of custom fitters and stylists, you’re sure to leave with the perfect swimwear for you.

As difficult as it is to find swimwear you feel confident in, there are a few tips that will make it easier. Here, Lovely Lady Lumps Swimwear New York explains that the bathing suit you choose depends on your body type:

  • Athletic: If you have a tight, toned body, you should search for feminine pieces to soften your shape. Tops with gathering and padding and bottoms with details at the hip will help show off your impressive bod.
  • Straight: With this body type, you can either try to create the illusion of curves with ruffles, padding, and other embellishments or, since you don’t have to worry about needing extra support, you can show off your body with barely there pieces.
  • swimwearCurvy: Swimsuits in solid colors or with small prints best complement hourglass figures. Looks for tops that will support your larger chest.
  • Pear: Those with larger lower halves should opt for simpler bikini bottoms that provide full coverage. Tops with details around the chest area will also help balance out your figure.

Even with these helpful tips, it’s best to try on different swimsuits to find a style you are comfortable with. If you’re feeling self-conscious, don’t be afraid to ask a professional stylist for help. Lovely Lady Lumps Swimwear New York offers one-on-one personal shopping so you can find a swimsuit that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Find a swimsuit that complements your body type. Lovely Lady Lumps Swimwear New York offers an amazing inventory and will help you find the perfect bathing suit this summer. For more information about their products and services, call (631) 675-9260 or visit their website.

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