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4 Signs Your Car May Need Brake Service Soon: Tips From Fantastik Auto Repair June 20, 2016

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4 Signs Your Car May Need Brake Service Soon: Tips From Fantastik Auto Repair, Honolulu, Hawaii

Knowing how often to check your brakes is critical to ensure they’re working properly. Honolulu residents turn to Fantastik Auto Repair for quality and affordable brake service. The island’s premier car maintenance shop is here to help you discover when it’s time to bring your vehicle in for brake service.

If you notice any of the following signs of failing brakes, bring your car to Fantastik Auto Repair immediately:

  • Squeaking & Grinding: If you hear a squeaky sound when you apply the brake, it may mean the brake pads need to be replaced. This is a clear sign the brake pads are worn out and it’s time for a brake service. That grinding sound is the bare metal from the brake calipers rubbing against the rotors.
  • car maintenancePulling To One Side: When you hit the brakes and the vehicle pulls to one side, a caliper may be stuck, causing friction on one wheel but not the others.
  • Vibrating Brake Pedals: If your brake pedal vibrates, the rotors will have to be checked for signs of warping. Damaged rotors can be caused by extreme stress caused by driving through mountains or heaving towing.
  • Unpredictable Brake Pedals: When you apply the brake and it goes almost down to the floor, it may indicate anything from worn brake pads to a brake fluid leak. On the other end, if the brakes kick in at only the slightest touch, the rotors may be worn, or the brake fluid might be dirty.

Don’t take chances driving around with bad brakes! Fantastik Auto Repair is your expert source for quality brake service that includes a thorough analysis of the entire braking system from the brake pads and rotors to the calipers. The team of licensed and certified mechanics knows how to spot damage and will do what it takes to get a jump on early signs of wear and tear.

To schedule an appointment for your car’s next brake service, call Fantastik Auto Repair at (808) 842-3777. Visit the website for details on other services, including oil changes, transmission repair, and car AC repair.

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