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Need a Criminal Defense Attorney in NYC? Meet Matthew D. Myers June 17, 2016

Tribeca, Manhattan
Need a Criminal Defense Attorney in NYC? Meet Matthew D. Myers, Manhattan, New York

If you’re facing criminal charges, it’s only natural to feel anxious about the pending trial; however, you still have rights, and a criminal defense attorney from Myers, Singer & Galiardo in New York City will fight for you. 

Matthew D. Myers is a criminal defense attorney at Myers, Singer & Galiardo. He has been a criminal trial lawyer since the early ‘90s. In more than 25 years of experience, Attorney Myers has defended clients in a vast range of cases in New York City and Tri-State jurisdictions. Whether you’re facing criminal charges in state court or conspiracy charges in federal court, he will use his extensive legal knowledge to build a solid defense. His trial experience includes memorable cases that made headlines, like the “taxi cab rapist” and the “nail salon robber.” 

Criminal Defense AttorneyAttorney Myers attended Wake Forest University, Susquehanna University, and Western New England School of Law. He was admitted to the New York State Bar in 1991. He doesn’t believe in relying on luck when it comes to defending his clients and instead helps them build a solid defense made of tangible evidence.  

If you’re facing criminal charges, you’re not alone; Attorney Matthew D. Myers wants to help. He will use his wealth of experience to defend your rights because everyone deserves a second chance. Attorney Myers works with Michael Singer, who specializes in personal injury litigation, and Christopher D. Galiardo, who specializes in police misconduct and negligence litigation.

Myers, Singer & Galiardo is a Manhattan law firm that focuses on criminal defense and personal injury cases. Founded by three trial lawyers, their firm is skilled at protecting their clients’ best interests in court. Visit the Myers, Singer, & Galiardo website to learn more about their areas of practice in New York City and the Tri-State area. Call (212) 986-5900 to schedule an initial consultation with a criminal defense attorney today.