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Juneau Attorneys Explain Why You Should Watch for Bad Faith Insurance Practices June 20, 2016

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Juneau Attorneys Explain Why You Should Watch for Bad Faith Insurance Practices, Juneau, Alaska

When individuals make insurance claims, they may encounter insurance companies that engage in bad faith insurance practices. Choate Law Firm in Juneau, AK, is here to discuss a few acts that signal bad faith insurance practices and what to do about them. The firm represents individuals in pursuing bad faith claims against insurance companies.

Insurance companies that unlawfully deny, delay, or avoid paying valid claims for any type of insurance policy are engaging in bad faith insurance practices. Such conduct harms people making claims under policies such as auto, health, homeowners, or workers’ compensation insurance. Here are some acts to watch for:

  • Failure To Respond: Insurance policies and state laws provide times by which insurers must acknowledge claims and either approve or deny them. An insurance company’s delayed response or a failure to respond to a valid claim without reason is a sign of bad faith.
  • bad faith insurancePolicy Cancellation: The insurance company cancels or rates an insurance policy due to the filing of valid claims. The purpose of insurance is to compensate policyholders for losses covered under the policy. Policyholders pay insurance premiums so that when a loss occurs, they can file claims for compensation. It is an act of bad faith for the insurer to penalize them for seeking compensation.
  • Discouraging Attorney Advice: The claims adjuster or insurer’s representative discourages the claimant from consulting an attorney. Individuals with valid insurance claims should talk to an attorney to protect their rights. The insurance company’s interest is in protecting the company, not the claimant.

Personal injury attorneys and car accident lawyers at Choate Law Firm are familiar with bad faith insurance practices. The firm’s lawyers fight vigorously and successfully for individuals to recover money damages from insurers for their unlawful conduct. When you see signs of an insurance company’s bad faith, contact Choate Law Firm for help. Call (907) 586-4490 to schedule an appointment, and visit their website for more information.

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