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Patsy's Pizzeria Explains Why Pizzas Baked in Wood, Coal and Gas Ovens Are Better Than the Rest June 30, 2016

New Rochelle, Westchester
Patsy's Pizzeria Explains Why Pizzas Baked in Wood, Coal and Gas Ovens Are Better Than the Rest, New Rochelle, New York

While pizza might be one of the most universally loved foods out there, not every pizza is created equal. There are an array of different styles to choose from, and the many different variations ultimately lead to various opinions on which styles and cooking methods are best. At Patsy’s Pizzeria in New Rochelle, NY, the team serving up the restaurant’s trademark pies believes their wood, coal and gas oven makes for the best pizza in the business.

Not convinced? Here are four reasons why this method of baking pizza is better than the rest:

  • Quicker Cooking Pizza: Conventional ovens do not heat as high, take a considerable amount of time to preheat, and require an average of ten to fifteen minutes to cook a pizza. Wood, coal and gas ovens, on the other hand, can be heated to higher temperatures, which slashes the amount of time needed to cook. Given that the dough isn’t too thick, these pizzas can cook in less than five minutes.
  • Better Flavor: There is an unmistakable smoky, earthy flavor that comes with pizzas baked in these ovens, which simply cannot be replicated with a conventional oven. They also have a more enriched flavor because of the way heat is distributed during the cooking process.
  • Nutrient Retention: Conventional ovens require a longer cooking time, which has been known to kill the essential antioxidants and nutrients in vegetables. If you’re topping your pizza with plenty of veggies, get the most out of their nutritional value by going the wood, coal and gas oven route. It requires less cooking time, and therefore retains more of the produce’s health benefits.
  • Energy Saving: Patsy’s Pizzeria pizza doesn’t just taste better and cook faster — it also cooks smarter! Since a wood, coal and gas oven partially uses heat from a fire, it cuts down on energy consumption and is a much “greener” way to cook pizza.

The ovens at Patsy’s Pizzeria use a combination of wood, gas, and coal to get the smokey flavor you crave and the consistent temperatures necessary to cook the perfect thin-crust pie. Experience the best wood-fired pizza in New York at Patsy’s Pizzeria. Call them for a reservation at (914) 365-2255 and visit them online to satisfy your pizza craving as soon as possible.