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Marion Well Drilling Company Discusses Key Well Water Nutrients June 15, 2016

Marion, Marion
Marion Well Drilling Company Discusses Key Well Water Nutrients, Marion, Ohio

With so much concern around what you eat, you shouldn’t forget about what you drink as well. If you are not sure exactly what’s in your drinking water, listen to the experts at Ellsworth Well & Pump in Marion, OH. They provide well water drilling and maintenance services to the central Ohio area. They indicate that well water is very healthy for you and actually has nutrients your body needs that may not be found in tap or bottled water.

With industry expertise since 1929, the well cleaning and repair experts at Ellsworth Well & Pump know exactly what’s contained in well water, including: 

  • Calcium: Well water is often found to have high levels of calcium, which is especially important to ingest during childhood, fetal growth, and pregnancy. Consuming a decent amount of calcium can also reduce the risk of age-related bone loss and hip fractures.

  • well waterMagnesium: While the majority of magnesium is consumed through foods such as nuts, leafy green vegetables, and seafood, a healthy portion can also be found in well water. Meeting the recommended daily intake of magnesium can lessen the risk of certain cardiac diseases, including heart disease and cardiac arrhythmias.

  • Sodium: Unlike the positive effects of calcium and magnesium, well water with high levels of sodium could actually be detrimental to your health. Because Americans already ingest too much salt via cheese, bread, cereals, and processed foods, drinking well water with high levels of sodium could unnecessarily raise your blood pressure.

Clean well water can have a number of positive effects. However, to make sure it safe to drink, Ellsworth Well & Pump recommends having your well water tested for contamination and the exact levels of each of these nutrients to ensure it’s safe to ingest.

Give these fully registered well drilling contractors a call today at (740) 225-5925 or visit Ellsworth Well & Pump online for more information on all of their products and services offered.