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How to Choose the Perfect Tent Rentals for Your Party June 14, 2016

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How to Choose the Perfect Tent Rentals for Your Party, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

When hosting an outdoor event, there are many party supplies you may need to rent or purchase. The team at Bryant’s Rent-All in Lexington, KY, knows one important piece of equipment that cannot be forgotten is the tent. After all, a tent can add an extra level of sophistication for your event, as well as protect your guests from unpleasant weather.

The team at Bryant’s Rent-All offers the following tips as you look at your options for tent rentals:

  • Type of Event: It goes without saying, the type of event you are hosting can truly impact your tent rentals. A smaller cocktail dinner will probably be quite different than an outdoor wedding reception, and as such, you need to plan accordingly. The specialists at Bryant’s Rent-All can help you plan your event with free estimates and advice, which will help you select the right option.tent rental
  • Size & Layout: Naturally, size is one of the most important factors to consider for tent rentals. It’s essential for you to select a tent with adequate space for each of your guests, but you can’t overlook how the size and layout of your property could limit the available space for your event. The layout of chairs and tables or the inclusion of other features (such as a dance area) will also affect which size tent is best suited for your party.
  • Accessories: Of course, the tent itself is only the tip of the iceberg. It doesn’t do you much good to have a spacious tent for your event if you don’t have chairs and other items to fill it. Bryant’s Rent-All can help you with rentals of chairs, dinnerware, wedding decor, and other items. As always, take your available space into consideration when selecting these additional items.

You can depend on Bryant’s Rent-All for all your party equipment rental needs. To learn more about the tent rentals available, or to receive a free estimate, visit the Lexington-based equipment rental professionals online or call (859) 252-0408.

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