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Matching Your Roof to Your Climate: What the Best Roofing Contractors Will Tell You June 14, 2016

Kew Gardens, Queens
Matching Your Roof to Your Climate: What the Best Roofing Contractors Will Tell You, Queens, New York

In the same way you wouldn’t wear shorts and a tank top to Antarctica, or a down coat in the Caribbean, some roofing materials are less than ideal in certain climates. In fact, according to Queens, NY-based JC Roofing & Siding — a roofing contractor with over 45 years of experience — matching the right type of roof to your area’s weather and climate conditions can prove essential for the long-term state of your roof.

What kinds of roofs are best for different climates? Queens’s best roofing contractors are here with a comprehensive breakdown:

  • For The Tropics: A major risk to the roof in areas with humid climates and high precipitation is that you’ll have algae growth on the roof. Asphalt shingles work here — they’re relatively inexpensive, great against wet conditions and durable — but they need to be treated with algaecides. Metal is perhaps the best option for this climate.
  • roofing contractorDesert Climates: The main consideration in hot, dry climates is that you want roofs that are able to repel rather than absorb heat. When it comes to asphalt, a lighter shade will be better able to reflect the sunlight, but really the best choices are metal or clay tile. The latter, though a little more pricey, is popular in places like Arizona and Nevada.
  • Four Seasons: For places that experience winter, like New York, one consideration is that you need a roof that can support the weight of snow or ice build-up. Heavier options like slate or tile are possible but may require extra reinforcement. This is why the most common material you’ll see is asphalt or dark shingles — they’re strong and absorb light and heat in the winter.

Of course, if you’re in Queens, the dedicated roofing contractors at JC Roofing & Siding will help you find the best material for your home. Learn more about this dedicated local business online, or give the team a call today at (718) 261-1891.