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How to Schedule Your Well Drilling When Building a New House July 29, 2016

New Milford, Litchfield
How to Schedule Your Well Drilling When Building a New House, New Milford, Connecticut

Whether it’s building a new home or buying an existing one, the last thing one typically thinks about is where the water supply comes from. In well drilling, determining the right location for the well is a crucial decision that can ensure adequate water supply and protect the health of you and your family. Certain factors like your property’s topography, potential pollution risks, location of existing or future septic and direction of groundwater flow must be taken into account when scheduling the drilling of your private water system. The father-and-son team at Werner Well & Pump Service LLC in New Milford, CT, understand what needs to be done during a pump installation thanks to their more than four decades of experience serving residents of Litchfield and Northern Fairfield Counties.

Wondering how to properly plan your home’s well drilling project? Here are a few pointers:

  • Pick The Location: Aside from geological factors, land surface features such as poorly drained areas and steep slopes are considerations in the well’s location. Whenever possible, pick elevated areas on which to build the well to reduce the likelihood of water contamination.
  • well drillingCheck Ground Material: This stage of the planning process will help you determine how successful you may be in acquiring a suitable water supply from a water well. An experienced drilling contractor should be able to give you information about the quality and quantity of the water in your potential neighborhood.
  • Getting A Permit: Before the drilling process, check with your local government for any legal requirements needed to build your water well.  Though many times, this step will be taken care of by the well driller themselves.
  • Build Your Well First: If you’re building a home instead of buying one, it might be better to construct the well before the house. This way, you can pick the best water supply spot for your well without running into any risk of damaging your property.

If you’re in need of having a well built for your home, enlist the services of Al Sr. and Alan Jr. at  Werner Well & Pump Service LLC. With their well drilling expertise and friendly service, you won’t need to worry about having access to clean water from your home. Call them at (860) 354-0290 and visit their website to view a complete list of their services.

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