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Rochester’s Top Podiatry Office Shares the Best Shoes for Flat Feet June 13, 2016

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Rochester’s Top Podiatry Office Shares the Best Shoes for Flat Feet, Perinton, New York

As the premier podiatry office in Penfield and Rochester, Genesee Valley Podiatry is often asked how to select the best shoes for flat feet. Providing the most advanced foot care solutions, New York’s best podiatrists are happy to share insights into purchasing comfortable footwear for flat-footed individuals.

Below, the podiatry office offers tips to facilitate you in buying the right kind of shoes for flat feet:

  • Get Arch Support: What distinguishes flat feet from their regular counterparts is the absence of a natural arch, which serves as a cushion between your sole and the ground. The lack of an arch means your foot is more susceptible to putting pressure on the wrong spot, resulting in painful, torn tendons. To counter this problem, switch to shoes with artificial arches. This helps position your feet’s pressure point perfectly, helping you attain greater comfort when on the move.
  • Podiatry OfficeLook For Strong Exterior Soles: With softer soles, there’s a greater chance that your feet will slip away from the arched angle, causing you discomfort while walking. That’s why Genesee Valley Podiatry considers hard exterior soles a compulsory component of shoes that are designed for flat feet. The rigid structure of these shoes not only enables them to resist wear and tear, but it also helps hold your feet in the right spot.
  • Opt For Custom Footwear: While there is a wide variety of readymade shoes for flat-footed people, you’ll be uncomfortable if their arches don’t sit well on your feet. With that in mind, consider opting for custom footwear that is tailored to your specific requirements.

These helpful tips from Genesee Valley Podiatry make it easy for you to find the perfect shoes for flat feet. You can also get consultations from the exceptional foot specialists at this podiatry office to get personalized recommendations for the kind of footwear you need. To learn more about the advanced foot care they offer, call (585) 586-6100 or visit their website.

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