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Take Life at Your Own Pace​ July 22, 2014

Highland Creek, Charlotte
Take Life at Your Own Pace​, 1, Charlotte, North Carolina

Sometimes, as we are on the 'ride' of life it helps for each of us to pay attention to what is the right 'gear' and speed as we move forward. We often find it is so easy to be influenced by those riding along beside us or by others that seem to be ahead or behind. Riding through life at someone else's pace may not be right for you. In fact, it might cause you to fall or to take a turn that wasn't on the course you had planned or hoped for on your journey. You could end up on someone else's route all the way and reach an unexpected final destination. That could be a great disappointment to you and those you started out with.

So as you consider tomorrow's, and other rides to come, be sure to keep your own destination in mind and check your map regularly. Stay focused on where you are headed and don't let side trips lead you away from your intended path.  Finding your own pace and adjusting to the wind is important, too. All in all, remember to respect your own uniqueness and pedal accordingly.

I hope your 'ride' is going well. Stay mindful and enjoy yourself.

M. Leslie Owens MSW, LCSW