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Choose the Right Pillow for Your Sleep Position June 17, 2016

Mason, Warren
Choose the Right Pillow for Your Sleep Position, Mason, Ohio

Drifting off on a super-comfy pillow is like sleeping on a puffy cloud. Determining the right pillow for your needs is essential to not only promote restful nights but to avoid waking up with a stiff neck, shoulders, and back as well. According to the team at DOWNLITE, how you sleep plays a huge role in pillow selection.

Here are a few tips for choosing a pillow based on your sleep style:

  • pillowStomach: Do you always sleep on your stomach? Purchase a soft, thin pillow featuring a low fill power. These pillows won’t leave you with a seriously stiff neck in the morning. Standard cotton pillows are recommended, as they’re hypoallergenic and easy to clean. This is a very good thing considering your face is nestled directly in the pillow.
  • Side: Is side sleeping your style? Opt for medium-fill pillows. Medium options are ideal for side sleepers who alternate from one side to the other all night long. Down pillows are the perfect soft options for side sleepers.
  • Back: Are you a back sleeper? Go with firm pillows to provide your head and neck with extra support and arise refreshed each morning. Wool-filled pillows are among the best choices if medium-firm or firm options are what you want.

If you are concerned about germs, try a hypoallergenic, anti-microbial latex pillow available in different support levels. Consider memory foam pillows if back problems are an issue. Such pillows relieve spinal pressure so you may enjoy a full night’s rest.

Find the perfect pillow through DOWNLITE as well as anything else vital to sweet dreams, such as down comforters and mattress pads. The family-owned online company creates pillows and bedding featuring the fabulous combination of durability and affordability. For more on pillows, down comforters, mattress pads, and other bedding available through DOWNLITE, please call (866) 931-3696, or visit the website today.