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Name Changes in NYC, Tips and How-To for the Legal Process July 23, 2012

Chelsea, Manhattan
Name Changes in NYC, Tips and How-To for the Legal Process, Manhattan, New York

Your name is one of the most important parts of your identity. It describes who you are and serves as your trademark in other areas of your life. Whether you are considering a name change due to a change in lifestyle, a desire to alter your child's or family's last name, or anything other reason, before making the decision, you should know how to navigate the process when deciding to undergo a name change in NYC.

3 Easy Steps for Name Changes in New York City

1.Inform your employer that your name will be changing. If possible, give them a target date for when you expect to have your new name. A petition citing your reason for the name change should also be filed with the court in NYC, and We The People offers a convenient service to fill out the paperwork if you are in need of assistance. Once your petition is approved, you will receive an Order of Name Change from the court.

2.Apply for a new Social Security card, which will be used to change the legal name on your bank accounts, credit cards, etc. Be sure to complete the SS-5 form and take this form to your local Social Security Administration office, in addition to your birth certificate, current driver's license, current Social Security card, and any other necessary documentation.

3.Swap your old driver's license or state-issued ID for a new one with the changed name at your state's local Department of Motor Vehicles office. You should also change your name on your bank accounts, credit cards, insurance, licenses, passport, investments, tax forms, and any other official documents.

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind if you decide to change your name.

You can’t change your name if:

  • You are changing your name to fraudulently avoid debts, punishment, etc.
  • The new name will be intentionally confusing such as the number "8" or the symbol “!”
  • The new name is racially offensive or obscene

It may actually be easier to find alternative consultations instead of inquiring about a necessary name change from a pricey lawyer. If you are seeking a name change in NYC, We The People of NY can help you prepare legal documents in preparation for changing your name legally and walk you through the process.

For more information, visit We The People and a specialist can help you get started and enjoy 20% off on all services.

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