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Alaska’s Leading OBGYN Explains Why Too Much Calcium Can Be Harmful to Your Health June 7, 2016

Alaska’s Leading OBGYN Explains Why Too Much Calcium Can Be Harmful to Your Health , Soldotna, Alaska

Calcium is essential for maintaining strong and healthy bones. However, excessive consumption of foods high in calcium can actually be harmful to your health. Robert G Thompson, MD, knows how dangerous it can be to have high levels of calcium in your blood. As the leading OBGYN in Soldotna and Anchorage, AK, he has helped women maintain optimal health with nutritional guidance and personalized treatment programs for over 35 years. Whether you’re coming in for an annual exam or bio-identical replacement therapy, he and his team will ensure that you receive the highest-quality care during your visit. 

Robert G Thompson, MD, encourages his patients to get the recommended daily dose of calcium for their age. However, this experienced OBGYN also knows too much calcium can lead to many serious health problems, including: 

  • Hypercalcemia: Eating too much calcium can make the calcium levels in your blood rise. Hypercalcemia causes tissue areas in the kidneys and other organs to harden, which damages the functioning of vital organs. 


  • Anxiety & Irritability: High calcium levels in your body can make you feel anxious and irritable. Too much calcium can also cause muscle spasms or twitching. 
  • Irregular Heartbeat: Elevated calcium levels in the blood can affect the way electrical signals are sent through your heart. As a result, you may develop an irregular heartbeat. 

Robert G Thompson, MD, is Alaska’s best OBGYN. His health clinic specializes in holistic and integrative medicine, and he is dedicated to helping his patients choose the right foods and supplements for their dietary needs. He is also highly experienced in administering advanced thyroid hormone replacements and treating gestational diabetes. To schedule an appointment with him, contact his office today at (907) 260-6914 or visit his website

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