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Aluminum Sheet 101: Learn the Basics From Louisville Metal Suppliers June 10, 2016

Okolona, Central Jefferson
Aluminum Sheet 101: Learn the Basics From Louisville Metal Suppliers, Central Jefferson, Kentucky

While the average person might not be well-versed in aluminum sheet metal, the skilled professionals at American Metal Supply Co. are devout experts on this versatile material. Working out of Louisville, KY, this trusted metal supplier is a one-stop-shop for effective, durable metal products. With 30 years in the business, their wide range of specialties—from cold finished steel production to metal processing services—continues to surpass expectations.

While aluminum sheet might not be a household term, it shows up in many important aspects of life and industry. Due to its lightness and durability, this form of aluminum is often used in the construction of planes, auto bodies, packaging supplies, and building facades. Aluminum sheet's unique characteristics allow it to stand up to military strength standards, while achieving a promising environmental capability—the sheet form can be recycled over and over without losing properties or wasting energy.

American Metal Supply Co. makes use of top-level mill relationships who produce the highest quality materials in the industry ensuring you'll be able to get the ideal type of aluminum sheet for your project or business. Aluminum is used across a variety of industries.

aluminum sheetWhile it is known for its versatility and performance, aluminum sheet can be modified to fit any aesthetic—whether you plan on having it colored, painted, or etched to a matte finish. Whatever you have in mind, American Metal Supply Co. has the skilled staff and the quality equipment to suit your vision. Call these Louisville metal distributors at (502) 634-4321 to discuss their full range of metal processing services, or to custom order your aluminum sheet metal. Visit the revamped website to find more information on the products and services offered.

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