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Melbourne’s Used Auto Parts Expert Offers Summer Car Maintenance Tips June 3, 2016

Melbourne, Campbell
Melbourne’s Used Auto Parts Expert Offers Summer Car Maintenance Tips, Melbourne, Kentucky

While you may think winter is the toughest season for your vehicle, summer also presents several hazards of its own. Heat, humidity, and thunderstorms are just a few of the factors that can cause problems for your car during this time. To keep your vehicle in good shape throughout the summer, the used auto part experts at Reitman Auto Parts & Sales in Melbourne, KY, would like to share a few handy maintenance tips.

Here are four important summer maintenance tips to keep in mind for your vehicle:

  • Inspect Key Parts: Summer’s heat can cause significant problems for your hoses and belts, especially if they’re already suffering from cracks or other damage. Summer can also be hard on your battery and windshield wipers. If these parts are in poor condition, purchasing quality used auto parts now can help prevent a breakdown — or even an accident — later on.
  • used auto partsCheck Oil & Coolant: It’s always a good idea to get an oil change before the start of summer. In addition, you should check your vehicle’s coolant levels and get a coolant flush if necessary. This will help keep your engine cool no matter how hot the weather gets.
  • Tire Maintenance: The dramatic temperature changes that take place during the summer can also have a negative impact on your tire pressure. Check the pressure regularly, and consider a tire rotation to get better gas mileage. If the tread of your tires has worn down, stop by a used auto parts store to get quality used tires so you can stay safe on the road.
  • Check Your Air Conditioning: Nothing is worse than being stuck in a car with no air conditioning on a hot summer day. Make sure your vehicle’s air conditioner is working properly, and don’t hesitate to visit a used car parts store if you need replacement components.

No matter what kind of used auto parts you need for your vehicle repair, Reitman Auto Parts & Sales will help you find the quality parts you’re looking for. Browse their inventory online or call them at (859) 635-2127 for more information.