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Mobile Stand Ins That Stand Out From New York’s Leading Custom Food Truck Company June 8, 2016

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Mobile Stand Ins That Stand Out From New York’s Leading Custom Food Truck Company, Brooklyn, New York

Undoubtedly, the culinary landscape has shifted significantly as mobile food trucks and mobile stand ins have grown in popularity. At the forefront of this movement is Brooklyn-based Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions, a custom food truck company that serves New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and North Carolina and has over 25 years of experience crafting food trucks and providing mobile kitchen supplies. Lately, this food cart design company has been doing exceptional work with mobile stand ins.

What have the craftspeople at Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions been up to? Let’s take a look at a couple of their recently completed custom food trucks:

  • Eddie’s Pizza Cart: With the mission of bringing absolutely exceptional thin crust pizza to the people, Eddie’s has definitely made their presence felt in New York. People love their approach, which combines traditional recipes with modern flair. Wanting to further expand their scope, the team at Eddie’s turned to Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions to create a mobile stand in cart, which has quickly become a much-loved addition to their fleet.
  • custom food truckWafels & Dinges: If you think you’ve had waffles before, the crew at Wafels & Dinges begs to differ. These innovators put fun and experimentation first when it comes to how waffles are prepared and what goes on top, leading to scrumptious results. What’s more, these food trucks use the finest quality ingredients, ensuring that every bite is unforgettable. These pros asked New York’s custom food truck experts to help them expand by designing and constructing a cart that would be able to uphold their high standards, which is exactly what Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions did.

What these culinary leaders find when they work with Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions is expertise and true dedication to making a perfect, customized product. Check out what they did with Eddie’s Pizza Cart, Wafels & Dinges, and so many more by viewing this company’s online portfolio. If you have any questions about the work they do, simply call them at (800) 253-4815. 

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