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$400 Saved: Efficient Records Retrieval With SynergyIXS June 7, 2016

New York, New York
$400 Saved: Efficient Records Retrieval With SynergyIXS, New York, New York

In recent years, more and more companies have transitioned to a paperless work environment. However, many vocations—including the health, insurance, and legal industries—still require numerous documents. To improve the way their documents are managed, those in the legal and insurance world come to SynergyIXS, the premier source for accurate and professional medical record retrieval as well as record storage and access.

Recently, one of the law firms that entrusts SynergyIXS with medical record retrieval saved a great deal of money by using their services. The law firm, which is an exclusive counsel to a medical malpractice insurer, required a hefty record from a hospital. When the hospital informed SynergyIXS that photocopying all of the records and then shipping them would cost upward of $400, SynergyIXS realized that this was an unnecessary act and charge. They knew there was a better way. 

records retrievalSince SynergyIXS accepts electronic record delivery and most modern hospitals keep records digitally, SynergyIXS was able to reduce the delivery fee down to $15 after speaking with the hospital on behalf of the client—and save a significant amount of paper in the process. This is only one example of the many ways in which SynergyIXS is constantly striving to save their clients money and time.  

If you feel as though your company is spending too many working hours on records retrieval, let SynergyIXS help. Call (800) 801-4091 to learn more and to schedule a 15-minute online training session. You can also visit this Montebello records processing and analysis company online to find out more about their services.

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