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Signs of a Diseased Plant From Hilo's Leading Gardening Store June 2, 2016

Hilo, Hawaii
Signs of a Diseased Plant From Hilo's Leading Gardening Store, Hilo, Hawaii

If you want to build your gardening skills, it’s crucial to keep yourself informed of not just how to water and feed them, but also how to notice when they could be suffering from a disease. At the family-owned plant nursery Garden Exchange in Hilo, HI, owners Noboru and Sachiko Ikeda have been offering their tips on lawn care and raising healthy and flourishing plants since 1964. They are also well equipped to share their knowledge of how to spot diseased plants.

gardeningFungal infection is one of the most common causes of plant disease, and there are a number of signs and symptoms to look for if you suspect your plant of being “sick.” Look for actual fungus growing around your plant; this could be anything from a mildew-like appearance to a spotting or yellowing of leaves. Other symptoms could include wilting, rusty leaves and suspicious differences in your plant’s color. If you notice any of these signs, visit your local gardening store for further guidance on how to restore your plant back to life.

Just like humans, plants can suffer when they are malnourished. Depending on the visible symptoms, you may be able to detect the nutrient they’re missing. For instance, if you notice yellowing and loss of color, curling or browned edges of leaves, and darkened shoots, your plant is not getting an adequate amount of calcium. Deformation or wilting can point to a lack of potassium in your plant. The amount of nitrogen in the soil can also affect your plant; too much can compromise the quality, while too little can lead insects to populate the plant and transmit diseases. Before you decide on a course of action to treat it, visit your gardening store for a better diagnosis of your plant. There could be numerous other reasons for its poor health aside from a nutrient deficiency, including weather changes or issues with your organic fertilizer.

If you’re concerned that your plant may be diseased, Garden Exchange can provide you with the information, tools, and remedies to nurture it back to health. Call them at (808) 961-2875 or visit them online today for more information.

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