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3 Common Stove Repair Tips From North Haven's Property Maintenance Service Experts June 2, 2016

North Haven, New Haven County
3 Common Stove Repair Tips From North Haven's Property Maintenance Service Experts, North Haven, Connecticut

No matter the type of stove you have, most common stove repairs can be quite easy to fix on your own. From easy fixes like resetting your stove’s timer to more troublesome problems like figuring out why a burner won’t light, A Sakis Industries in North Haven, CT, is here to help. Their professional appliance repairmen have been offering locals home improvement tips and property maintenance services for over 30 years.

If you’re experiencing issues with your stove, try the following fixes before calling the commercial property maintenance professionals:

  • property maintenance serviceBurners Won’t Light: Before attempting more serious stove repairs, check that the appliance is in fact plugged in and that the burner’s valve you’re trying to light is open. Another way to remedy this issue is to take the burner off and check for clogged burner holes. If the burner still isn’t lighting, it may be time to call a property maintenance service to replace the faulty part.

  • Timer Won’t Advance: While the task of changing your stove’s timer may seem daunting, it can actually be quite easy. After making sure you unplugged your stove and disconnected any power, locate the timer, remove the screws, carefully wiggle the timer, and replace it with the new one.

  • Broken Element Switch: If your stove has a surface element switch, it may need replacing somewhere down the line. If you notice the burner has stopped working, pull out the element and try plugging it into another area. If it works in this new spot, simply replace the old element switch in the previous spot.

For any other stove repair questions, give the property maintenance service experts at A Sakis Industries a call at (203) 389-6364. Visit their website for more information on all of the appliance repair and maintenance services they offer.

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