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Discover the Steps to Professional Jewelry Assembly June 2, 2016

Garment District, Manhattan
Discover the Steps to Professional Jewelry Assembly, Manhattan, New York

Many don’t realize how involved jewelry assembly and manufacturing can be. At Frank Billanti Casting Company, they detail every step in the process from start to finish, making their business practices both transparent and professional. Frank Billanti Casting Company is the best place to go to make your jewelry design a reality. They use top-of-the-line equipment and techniques to make your jewelry design the best it can be. Jewelry assembly and manufacturing is a complex process, but the professionals at Frank Billanti Casting Company make their techniques known and have their step-by-step guide to jewelry manufacturing listed on their website. 

jewelry assemblyDuring the first stages of jewelry manufacturing, the design is created using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) technology, which makes your design precise and easier to replicate when making a wax carving. This wax carving is used as visual for the jewelry manufacturers so that they can make the mold correctly using Castaldo® materials.

After the mold is created, liquid metal can be added to the design. Bronze, gold, and silver casting can all be achieved during this stage in the process. Once the liquid metal cools, the designers can then wash and remove the part from the rest of the cast tree, leaving behind your design. The design can then enter the stages of finishing, which involves the full removal of the parts from sprue and tumbling for polishing preparation. Following this process, the experienced jewelers at Frank Billanti Casting Company will attach important parts to your design including hinges, clasps, and unique closures. 

jewelry assembly

During the last few stages of your jewelry assembly, any stones you may want to include in your piece will be added. After the stones are set, the piece will be hand-polished by the jewelry manufacturers to your liking. There are a range of different finishes to choose from, and the professionals at Frank Billanti Casting Company will be able to achieve any look you want. 

The final stage in jewelry assembly is completely optional and involves coating your design with a precious metal of your choice using an electric current. Be sure to consult the experts at Frank Billanti Casting Company about this process and if doing so is right for your design. 

Anyone can appreciate that jewelry assembly is a complex process, but the professionals at Frank Billanti Casting Company make it look easy. Call these jewelry manufacturers at (212) 221-0440 to make your next design the best it can be.

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