Cleves, Ohio

Digging Up Destruction: Call an Animal Removal Service to Deal With Moles May 31, 2016

Cleves, Miami
Digging Up Destruction: Call an Animal Removal Service to Deal With Moles, Miami, Ohio

Moles are pernicious creatures; able to dig as fast as a foot a minute, they swiftly build networks of tunnels underneath your yard, seriously damaging your landscaping endeavors. Luckily, the wildlife removal experts at A.S.A.P. Critter People can help. Proudly serving the greater Cincinnati area, this family-owned and -operated animal removal service is familiar with the unwanted guests that love to visit Ohio homes.

If you have moles or other wildlife pests overstaying their welcome, their critter removal team will find the most effective method to safely and humanely bid them adieu. They’ll also repair damage and take steps to prevent your visitors’ return. Of course, the sooner you catch a mole problem, the easier the wildlife removal process. Read on to learn why you should call an animal removal service as soon as you spot these destructive diggers.

Animal Removal ServiceMoles are voracious eaters, chowing down on 70% to 80% of their body weight each day. They eat all kinds of bugs, especially worms and grubs, which they discover on their daily expeditions through the soil. If you have moles making a home in your yard, it’s probably on account of your exceptional soil quality. After all, moist, nutrient-rich dirt is the ideal place to find worms, grubs, and beetle larvae; all that work you’ve done enriching your soil for landscaping also makes your yard particularly appealing to our underground visitors.

Moles do a lot of damage on their daily subterranean travels. As they search for food, they damage root structures, killing grass, plants, and trees. The integrity of the ground suffers, causing uneven spots, low, weak areas, and molehills throughout your yard. Finally, their underground networks are a welcome playground for other critters, including mice, snakes, and destructive voles.

Stop these destructive diggers in their tracks with the help of A.S.A.P. Critter People. As specialists in removing unwanted guests safely and humanely, this animal removal service will thoroughly banish your underground visitors in a way you’ll feel good about. Call (513) 941-0258 for an appointment today, or visit their website to learn more about their critter removal services.

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