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4 Facts About Chromium-6 From Rochester's Water Purification Pros May 24, 2016

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4 Facts About Chromium-6 From Rochester's Water Purification Pros, Henrietta, New York

How safe is your drinking water? Did you know that tap water in 31 out of 35 US cities tested positive for a carcinogenic chemical called chromium-6 (or hexavalent chromium), according to the Environmental Working Group? Clean water is vital to good health, which is why Anderson Water Systems encourages everyone to have their water tested and to install water purification and filtration systems to ensure that the water is free from contaminants such as chromium-6. It's important to make sure that your drinking water is clean and safe to avoid deadly diseases.

Here are the things you must know about the carcinogenic chemical chromium-6:

  • water purificationOrigin: Chromium-6 is a naturally occurring metal found in rocks, volcanic dust, plants, and soil. It's widely used in steel manufacturing, production of dyes, and welding.
  • Limit: The government’s legal limit in tap water for chromium is 0.1 mg per liter or 100 ppb. Today, California is the only state that requires tap water to be tested for chromium-6 while some states only measure total chromium.
  • Effects: Studies showed Chromium-6 causes allergic dermatitis as well as stomach and gastrointestinal cancer in both animals and humans.
  • Prevention: Reverse osmosis combined with a carbon filter is the best way to filter chromium-6 out of your drinking water.

imageThe only way you can know if your tap water is safe to drink is by having it tested by water purification experts. Anderson Water Systems takes pride in supplying the residents of New York clean water through their state-of-the-art filtration systems, hot water heaters, and tankless water heaters. They also offer standby generators designed to help you during power outages. For more information on the products and services they offer, visit their website, or check out their Facebook page. Call them at (800) 836-2509 to schedule a consultation.

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