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5 Unique Kitchen Design Trends You Can Incorporate Into Your Remodel May 31, 2016

Lincoln, Lancaster
5 Unique Kitchen Design Trends You Can Incorporate Into Your Remodel, Lincoln, Nebraska

In many homes, the kitchen is the family's most important gathering place — even more than the living room. If the “heart” of your cherished abode could use some kitchen remodeling, but you need a little more inspiration first, InsideOut Renovations & Home Repair in Lincoln, NE suggests you look at these trending kitchen design ideas:

  • kitchen designColorful Sinks: Most kitchens feature either stainless steel or white porcelain basins. There are so many more options, though — specifically, more colors! If you fancy a red, yellow, or lime green sink as part of your new kitchen design, your Lincoln remodeling contractor will be glad to incorporate it!

  • Tiered Drawers: If you haven't seen these in action, you're missing out — on a lot of storage space! Tiered drawers allow you to store more items than normal cabinets, and within easier reach as well. No more digging around in the back of a cabinet: just pull out the drawer!

  • High-Tech: You may typically associate sensor-activated taps with public restrooms — but some people have gone the extra step and put them in their kitchen designs! Hands-free faucets are convenient, clean sticky fingers in a flash, and can even help you save water.

  • kitchen designBlack & White: Minimalism is perennially popular in kitchen design, and right now, one of the biggest trends is the stark yet pleasing contrast of black and white. For example, you can create the feeling of extra space by pairing light cabinets with dark countertops or backsplash tiles.

  • Gray Cabinets: In newer kitchens, many people are discovering the beauty of gray or off-white cabinets, which pair well with wood grain patterns, and look great with many color schemes. They're also easier to keep clean than white cabinets.

Feeling inspired? For expert advice on creating the perfect kitchen design, give InsideOut Renovations & Home Repair a call at (402) 474-0028, or go online to view photos of their kitchen remodeling work. They're based in Lincoln, NE.