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Georgia’s Tire Repair Experts Share 4 Signs You May Need New Tires May 26, 2016

Richmond Hill, Bryan
Georgia’s Tire Repair Experts Share 4 Signs You May Need New Tires, Richmond Hill, Georgia

Driving around on worn tires is just too much of a risk to take. The good news is there are a few warning signs that clearly indicate it might be time for a new set. Wheels Autoworks in Richmond Hill, GA, offers a large inventory of quality tires and tire repair services at prices that beat the competition.

But if you’re unsure about whether you need new tires, pay attention to the following wheel conditions:

  • Poor Tread: One way to check the tire tread is by placing a penny in the tread with Lincoln’s head pointing down. The tread may be too low if you can still see the very top of Lincoln’s head.
  • Cracks & Bulges: If you notice bulges or cracks in the tire’s sidewall, there may be an air leak or another indicator that the tire pressure is low. At this point, your tires should be checked right away by a tire repair expert.
  • tire repairTire Pressure: Be sure your tires are inflated to the levels recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. If your tire pressure light frequently comes on, it could mean the tires do not have the proper inflation. Keep in mind that cold weather can cause the tire pressure to drop, and hot weather can cause a buildup of air in the tire.
  • Thumping & Vibration: While driving, you may experience thumping or vibrations, typically coming from around the seat area. This may mean the tires are out of balance due to being worn, or there could be issues with vehicle’s suspension mechanism.

As the area’s premier car repair center, turn to Wheels Autoworks for a thorough inspection and diagnosis of your tires. The team of tire repair specialists know what danger signs to look for and will make expert and affordable recommendations to keep you safe on the road.

If you’re in the market for new tires and want the best deals, call Wheels Autoworks today at (912) 756-4006. Visit the website to learn more about the wide range of available services, including oil changes, transmission repair, and used cars for sale.