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Lexington's Ant Control Experts on How to Remove Carpenter Ants May 31, 2016

Lexington-Fayette, Fayette
Lexington's Ant Control Experts on How to Remove Carpenter Ants, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Carpenter ants, like termites, are destructive pests; however, unlike termites, they do not actually feed on wood, but rather burrow into—and weaken—your home's structural beams to build their nests. Guarantee Pest Control, the premier pest extermination and ant control service providers in Lexington, KY, wants you to know how to prevent a carpenter ant infestation and remove a colony if an infestation has already occurred. Guarantee Pest Control has been a family-owned-and-operated business since 1953, and they have the experience and expertise to rid your home of ants, help you avoid costly structural damage, and prevent allergic reactions.

To remove an infestation and prevent ants from returning, follow these ant control steps:

  • Eliminate Moisture Sources: Make sure your gutters are not blocked or leaking and replace damp or rotting wood. Ventilate attics and crawlspaces, and keep soil away from wooden structures (house, deck, porch, etc.). This is the key to future ant control.
  • Move Firewood: Store firewood away from your house and make sure it is elevated off the ground. Before bringing it inside, examine the wood for nests and tunnels.
  • ant controlLocate Nest(s): Most nests are located outdoors, but satellite nests can be found indoors, usually under the siding, inside walls, near downspouts or gutters, in bathroom floors, or in the insulation. Look for ants or ant activity, such as wooden shavings or holes in your beams. Tap beams with a hammer to check for hollow sounds. Remember, there may be more than one nest.
  • Ant Removal: If the infestation is minimal, a high-quality shop vacuum can remove most pests, while caulking can prevent others from returning. Otherwise, a residential pest control specialist can apply chemical ant control measures.

Guarantee Pest Control, the most experienced and trusted pest extermination and ant control company in Lexington, offers monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual inspections or one-time extermination services with a follow-up visit. Their technicians are licensed, insured, and certified by the Kentucky Board of Agriculture and state and national pest management associations. For more information, visit them online, or call (859) 254-2076 to speak to a friendly, knowledgeable professional. Also, check them out on Facebook or Twitter.

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