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Welcome to Sublimity Medical Clinic, Part of Santiam Hospital. When it comes to your family and your health care, we understand how important it is to find the right medical provider. We are committed to lifelong exceptional care provided to you and your family. Sublimity's primary care clinic is a state-certified, Patient Centered Primary Care Home( PCPCH). As a result the staff and the medical providers emphasize care coordination and communication. Ultimately primary care centers around the medical needs of our patients. It is our goal for you to live a healthy, vibrant, and well balanced life. We know you'll be well cared for by our excellent staff.

Observe National Safety Month With 3 Signs You Need Emergency Room Help June 1, 2016

Observe National Safety Month With 3 Signs You Need Emergency Room Help, Sublimity, Oregon

June is National Safety Month, and the professionals at Santiam Hospital want to make Oregon residents aware of certain medical issues that require immediate medical attention. Created by the National Safety Council, this month brings awareness to preventing injuries, illnesses, and death. Knowing which medical symptoms warrant a trip to the emergency room could save your life.

To help residents in the Mid-Willamette Valley area of Oregon stay informed, the caring staff at Santiam Hospital has compiled a list of warning signs you should not ignore. If you’re experiencing any of the following conditions, you should head to the emergency room as soon as possible:

  • Severe Pain: If you have inexplicable severe pain anywhere on your body, seek specialized care from emergency room personnel. Acute abdominal, chest, and head pains could be indicative of internal issues such as appendicitis, cardiac arrest, or other potentially fatal conditions. The faster you seek medical assistance, the better your odds are for recovery.

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  • Extremely High Fever: Typically, adults can withstand a fever of 103° F for short periods of time, but in many cases, you should not risk it. Any time a fever does not go down with the help of medicine or is accompanied by a headache or stiff neck, you should head to the emergency room.
  • Loss Of Motor Skills: If you are suddenly unable to walk, speak, see, or move, have someone take you to the emergency room or call 911. Likewise, if you are experiencing sudden confusion, dizziness, or notice drooping on one side of your body, seek immediate medical attention.

Help Santiam Hospital observe National Safety Month in June and take note of this list of symptoms that warrant a visit to the emergency room. Keep in mind that the risk of developing certain emergency medical conditions can be lessened through regular preventative care.

If you think you might have an emergency medical issue and need to speak with an associate at Santiam Hospital, call (503) 759-2175, or visit their website for more information.

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