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Elko’s Water Well Experts Explain 3 Basic Types of Wells May 23, 2016

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Elko’s Water Well Experts Explain 3 Basic Types of Wells, Elko, Nevada

Water wells come in different forms that depend largely on the surrounding terrain. When making decisions about how to source your water, seek guidance from an experienced well company. Over the last 40 years, Fertig Drilling Co. of Elko, NV, has established a reputation as the premier water and well expert throughout the western United States. These professionals bring a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience to all stages of the water sourcing process, from installing water well pumps to conducting water testing and analysis. 

Creating a water well is a long-term action that will provide you and your family with clean water for years to come. Fertig Drilling Co. offers a rundown of the three standard types of water wells. 

  • water wellsBored Wells: These shallow wells are designed to strategically tap into lower-yield aquifers that happen to be closer to the surface—around 100 feet or less. They often have an extra storage capacity that is useful during times of high demand. 
  • Consolidated Wells: So-called rock wells are created by drilling into natural rock formations. Water is extracted through voids in the rock. The more substantial the void, the more water can be extracted. The average depth of a rock well is around 250 feet. 
  • Unconsolidated Well: While these water wells are also created by drilling, they pass through the soil, sand, gravel, or clay rather than solid rock structures. Known as sand wells, they pass through a more porous material, permitting a freer flow of water. 

If you are looking for a new water well or assistance with your current structure, reach out to Fertig Drilling Co. To schedule an appointment with these drilling experts, call (775) 753-7960. You can read about the company’s full range of services by checking out their website.

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