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The Definitive Guide to Down Pillows Versus Synthetic Pillows May 30, 2016

Mason, Warren
The Definitive Guide to Down Pillows Versus Synthetic Pillows, Mason, Ohio

You can’t have a comfortable and inviting home without a nice assortment of high-quality pillows, and DOWNLITE is by far the best place to procure fine home accessories. DOWNLITE manufactures all of their high-quality goose down pillows and synthetic bedding products in the United States for quality assurance, and their craftsmanship is second to none. If you’re in the market for high-quality pillows and you’re trying to decide between authentic down cushions and down alternatives, check out this guide from the DOWNLITE team:

down pillowAuthentic Down Pillows

Feather and down pillows are a classic comfort choice. Down pillows are extremely soft, and contrary to popular belief, down pillows come in varying degrees of supportiveness. If you want to feel like you’re resting on a cloud, an authentic down pillow is the perfect choice for you!

Down Alternative Pillows

Most down alternative pillows are made of polyester and are constructed to mimic the feeling of an authentic down pillow. Some people are allergic to down and feather pillows, which is why DOWNLINE manufactures an exclusive line of down alternative pillows. Additionally, some people find down alternative pillows easier to clean and maintain. 

Both down pillows and synthetic pillows can be comfortable, soft, and durable. When well cared for, a down pillow may last up to a decade, and many synthetic pillows have a lifespan of around five years or more. Both feather pillows and alternative down pillows from DOWNLITE can turn your home into a luxurious retreat!

The team at DOWNLITE can help you select the right down or down alternative pillows and comforters for your home. Visit their store online now, or call (866) 931-3696 to learn more about all of their luxury comfort options.